How to unblock a toilet?

A common cause for a toilet to become blocked is that there is too much toilet paper or heavy loads attempting to travel down the pan.

If you find yourself with a blocked toilet, remember do not keep trying to flush the toilet in an attempt to clear it. This could cause the toilet to overflow and flood the bathroom!

To draw out the blockage and encourage it to go down the pipes, follow these steps:

  • Your best weapon of choice is a plunger. If your plunger is too short, a mop with a plastic bag tied around the head can be used as an alternative and may reach further down the toilet pan.
  • Press your plunger (or makeshift plunger) down firmly into the toilet and then pull upwards slowly.
  • Repeat this at least 10 times until you hear water going down the pipes.

If the plunger doesn't solve the problem you will need to check your drains for blockages.

If your drain inspection cover is outside, lift the one nearest the pan and look around for blockages.

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